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A book for
the heart's
many phases


Written by Jenna Dempsey | Illustrated by Milica Apostolovic

Shine Bright Little Moonbeam

Little Moonbeam Books

Jenna Dempsey Author

Moon, poetry, moon phases, emotions


About the book

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Just like the moon moves the tides, the moon’s energy in its different phases can impact how we feel. This book is meant to be a guide for kids, and maybe even adults, to better understand emotions and how they change, phase to phase. 

​I hope these pages open up conversation and curiosity as you and your kids explore each cycle of the moon and examine the feelings that pop up along the way.

"Best birthday gift ever."

My Mom

Book Signings & Events

Storytime at Gateway Farm

September 29, 2023

Gateway Organic Farm


10665 Joy Rd, Plymouth, MI 48170

Cost: TBD

Join me at the farm for a reading of Shine Bright Little Moonbeam and a special lesson on the Harvest Moon & its meaning!


I will be signing & personalizing copies of the book as well as giving away sweet offerings with every purchase. 

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