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The Journey of a Moon Mom

Hi! I'm Jenna. I'm not a moon expert or licensed psychologist. I am a Mom that feels deep, loves to write, and is moon-obsessed. So much so that I found myself in Palm Springs on a retreat at Cactus Moon solely because "Moon" was in the name. Yes, I'm serious.


It was there that I really took the time to think about becoming a Mom at all. And I left with a vision board that was filled with plants, plans to pursue writing poetry, and a little girl sitting in a tree with yellow butterfly wings. 


One year and two moon-themed baby showers later, my little girl arrived in March of 2020. Big emotions filled our household; insane amounts of love, wonder, and joy... but I had the tendency to latch onto anxiety and anger. Oh, and there was the whole world shutdown thing. I stopped journaling and I google-searched hours away while I got mad at my husband for not being present. As we hit the toddler phase, totally unplanned, I quit my job. It wasn't exactly convenient, but eventually, it ended up shaking everything into place.


One of the best gifts was that I started writing for myself again. So as much as this book is for kids, it was also for me – a gentle reminder that everything in life is just a phase. 


From my heart to yours, I hope this book brings more light in on the dark nights.

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